Sunday, October 19, 2008

Global Peace Festival


My class was volunteering ourselve to join program under Global Peace Festival. The program called 'Service For Peace and Unity:Expand the Culture of Service to the Campus Communities'. Taman Bukit Angkasa,Kerinchi had been chosen to be vanue for this cominitee service. Participant from our local universities and 200 students from foreign universities: Brunei, Cambodia, German, Hong Kong, Japan, Laos and Thailand. This program started at 0800H and finished at 1700H.

We arrived at the vanue at 0700H and after simple ice-breaking, we saperated into 60 groups which participant by other student. For myself, I joined group 54 with 7 members from my university. Our group members were from University Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia(UPNM): 8 members, University Malaya(UM): 4 members, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia(UTM): 4 member, University Tunku Abdul Rahman(UniTAR):10 members, Institut Perguruan(IPP): 2 members and our group was lucky, one from foreign student had joined our group. Student from Thailand, Kunnika Punyadee (Aor) from Chiang-Mai University was enjoying to work with us. Our group assigment was clean up the playground.

During the cleaner activities, I spent a lot of time with Aor. A little petite girl from Kunmoog Sarapee,Chiang Mai are very friendly person, sharing about their activies,lifestyle and thought with we all. One thing that attract me, she said that Chiang Mai is more cooler than Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur is more cooler then Bangkok. That's mean?? Bangkok more uncormfortable city to live on. It's quite romantic when rain came down during we clean the print at playground. She looked very happy when the children from that block come help us and talked to her. At first time, it quite difficult to comunicate with her, yeah, as we know, Malay tongue and Siamese tongue is hard to speak in English. With our broken English, we happy sharing everything. At the end of program I change some money with her as a souvenir. I gave her 12 ringgit Malaysia,as a return she give me 120 Bath and we both wrote down the motivated qoutes on that moneys. Such a lovely experience to me and hope to Aor too. But a little silly to me when, I forgot to bring along my camera. Shit!!! but I asked Aor to send me the activity's pictures via email. So, if you want to see the picture, just wait key?

One thing about this programe which had attract me, the organizer is Munirah Abdullah, a UM Geology's student who 20 years old!!! OMG!! I a little bit shocked, but when she came and have some chating with we all, I can look, the power of speech, the leadership on Munirah is more greater then me. For me, she is a legend. In 20 years old, she could organized the programe at international level. One more, this Global Peace Festival Malaysia, didn't have fund from goverment or GPF itself but this girl could manage to find the sponsorship from other sources. It's an honourable to work with her and of coz she is beautiful..hehe

Lastly, for all those my members out there, when it come a volunteer service or cominitee service, please,please,please join it... Maybe it's tired, but think again, the experience, the knowladge from that activities is very priceless. So,please during our youth time, its very best time to seek an experience in life.. So, don't waste it!!!
hugs and kisses!!!

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